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Jon Hunter

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Currently working at:
Phone Number305~451~1200

Jon, a self-taught artist and tattooer from Grand Rapids, Michigan has been tattooing for over 21 years now at studios in MI, VA, and FL., and has worked the tattoo convention circuit throughout the U.S. and Canada, earning numerous awards along the way for his work and contributions to the industry. He also has experience building and managing tattoo studios and has helped with the organization and operation of conventions including the long-running Richmond Tattoo Arts Festival in Virginia.
Jon’s style of tattooing is a blend of realism and fantasy and he enjoys working equally with color and black & gray shading. A versatile artist, Jon can also tattoo using different styles of art, including New School, Old School, Japanese, and Neo-Tribal. He can work off of photographs, flash, or customer drawings (NOT a pic of someone’s tattoo stolen from the internet!), but prefers to design his own artwork from customer input. He is a very clean, organized person who has been practicing sterile techniques long before they were required by various state laws, and is dedicated to keeping the tradition of tattooing alive through the current age of conformity and corporate tyranny.