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Brandon Bennett

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Phone Number305~451~1200

Brandon’s earliest art influence came from the start of the video game boom. He was so drawn by the games that at the age of 11 created his first animated video game graphics. Although efforts were made to get his graphics published the deal did not go through but this did not discourage his passion for art.
He continued to nurture his creative talents and took as many art classes as possible but after high school he attempted to work in the corporate world. With art always being in the forefront of his mind he realized early that these conventional jobs were not the direction he wanted to go. Then at the age of 21 Brandon had to deal with the unexpected passing of his sister, they were extremely close and her loss greatly impacted him and altered his life forever. Wanting to live life to its fullest he retreated into his art and took it a step further by purchasing a tattoo machine.
Unlike many tattoo artists today Brandon never had a formal apprenticeship but instead began on his own learning and practicing the fundamentals of tattooing. Quickly his natural and unique talent would prove to develop his unique style.
Now needing a place to work, the logical answer would be a family owned business. From 1995 to 2005 Brandon worked at the family owned business but would soon be recruited to South Beach FL.
Hitting the South Beach area in 2005 Brandon worked for Tattoo’s by Lou’s, moved on to Eternal Ink in Ft. Lauderdale and now resides once again in his family owned business South of Heaven Tattoo in beautiful Key Largo Fl. As Brandon would say, “A perfect place to work my craft and live life to the fullest.” If asked what his style is Brandon said “There is no limit to what I can do as an artist I love a challenge and will not limit myself to a certain genre.” “I consult with my clients for hours if necessary so we are in agreement on the art and placement of the art.”
Brandon Bennett in Pop Culture
Brandon has been published in several local newspapers; his paintings have been debuted in the movie Old Dogs where he also worked as a consultant on the set with Robin Williams and John Travolta. Bennett is an up-and-coming artist and is just making his mark in the industry.